Yearly Kota Bahru Trip 2011

Every year, our whole family will make a trip down to Kota Bahru, Kelantan for Ching Ming (All Soul’s Day) to pray for our ancestors.

In my little mini car, we packed all our stuff inclusive of all the joss paper which my mum has folded neatly.  We have planned this trip months back, booked Tune Hotels even before it was opened and hubby even planned where we were going for our meals.

The trip was a long 8 hours because we wanted to adhere by the speed limit of 90km/h … many angry car drivers zoomed passed us, tailed us very closely or overtook us dangerously.  We almost got into a few accidents because of these irresponsible drivers.  That’s what you get for obeying the law in Malaysia.  Hmm…  Anyway, we got to Kota Bahru safely and checked into Tune Hotels Kota Bahru.

Tune Hotel Kota Bahru
We booked the Tune Hotel Kota Bahru room at RM0.15 per night!

Tune Hotels Kota Bahru is spanking new and car park was easy to get because the other shops in the same row were not operating yet.

We were told that they have other car park available if there are not empty spots on the ground floor.  Location is perfect because there is the KB Mall (with lots of eateries, shops and supermarket) across the road.  Inside Tune Hotel is also a 24 hour eatery serving Kelantan cuisine.  Our room is on the 7th floor, and everything is tip top in the room ~ nice plush bed, clean white sheets, clean tiled floor, power shower … and a TV!  Yes ~ now there is entertainment in the room but with a small price to pay.  We did not opt for the TV because we were not going to spend much time in the room anyway.  Maybe in our next trip… lol…

Not sure what the place name is.. they serve steamboat Malay-Thai style. Very relaxed place. Its on Jalan Pengkalan Chepa

On our first night in Kota Bahru, we went for this Malay-Thai steamboat called Chim Chum.  It is a buffet steamboat and they have a variety of cooked food as well – the Kelantan Laksa, Bubur, Fried Mee and lots of fruits and ulam.  Per pax is RM16 (if I am not wrong)…

We never miss this everytime we go back to Kota Bahru - our favourite nasi lauk. I can't find it in KL. 🙁

Next morning, we had our usual Nasi Lauk (or Nasi Berlauk) for breakfast.  Its just a simple steaming hot rice with curry gravy and chicken, braised cucumber (very unique and not available anywhere else in this style & taste), half piece of boiled egg.  Looks very normal but the taste is extraordinary!  Yummy yummy…  This is one type of food that I can only find in Kota Bahru, or I should say only in Kelantan.  Its like street food available only in Kelantan.

Standing Chicken ... its at a place called Chiengmai in Wakaf Baru

Hubby wanted to try the ‘standing chicken’ he read about in some food blog ~ so we went to this place called Chiengmai in Wakaf Baru.  Its deep inside the kampungs ~ so you need some directions before you can make your way there.  You need GPS to get there.  But the locals know the place well, and you guessed it.. it was packed with locals.  The skin is crispy but I felt the sauce is weird.  Maybe I just don’t know how to appreciate this Thai-Chinese fusion?

We also took the opportunity to buy mangoes, buah salak (snake fruit?), our favourite Akok (some type of kuih made of santan) and lots of other goodies.

The car went full of joss paper and came back full of food!  But then, yes, that’s our annual Kota Bahru trip.

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