Understanding Who You are Following

I like to analyze my twitter followers because I found that many are simply spammers, automated bots or they are simply following you in hope that you follow them back.

However, with twitter followers in 4 digits, its almost impossible to filter every twitter follower.  That’s when tools are extremely helpful to give you a rough idea of who your followers are and how effective your twitter efforts are.

It is very interesting to find out that out of this amount of twitter followers, a very huge percentage (voluntarily of involuntarily followed)  are garbage (as termed by http://thetwitcleaner.com )  I am using a tool called thetwitcleaner that is helping me to understand the twitter followers I have.   This is a free tool that gives you a basic idea of who your followers are.  Once you sign in and generate a report for your Twitter ID, you get to access the report which is sent to you via DM.  The summary tells you pretty much and the detailed version is displayed below the summary.

Here’s a summary of my twitter followers :-

Dodgy Behaviour 43.5% which is made up of 1.Trying to sell you crap  2.Multiple @s  3.Nothing but links  4.Tweeting the Same Links all the time  5.Tweeting idential tweets all the time  6.Other dodgy behaviour, now absent

No activity in over a month 4.1%

Not much interaction 10.7% which is made up of 1.Not active yet(fewer than 10 tweets)  2.Don’t interact with anyone  3.Hardly follow anyone

All talk, all the time 2.7%

Little original content 3.1% made up of high percentage of retweets and high percentage of quotes

That leave only 36% of of those whom I’m following that does not fall in any of the above four categories.  I’m going to start evaluating those I’m following and will selectively unfollow them.  It is going to be a tedious and slow process as I will see each twitter follower one by one before unfollowing.  The entire purpose of this is to ensure that I don’t miss the good tweets and filter out those that are in the dodgy behavior category.  You can also read up on the twitter bulk unfollow tool here.

With this tool, I can filter the ‘real’ messages vs the blatant ads and understand my twitter followers better.

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