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Maximizing the internet as a medium for marketing is not as simple as starting a Facebook page(facebook marketing) or having a Twitter account (twitter marketing).  In fact, this is just the beginning of a whole new spectrum of marketing!  A friend recently asked me how to effectively use Twitter to market her brick and mortar business, and I gave her a long explanation on how to use Twitter specifically for her spa business.  Below is part of my sharing with her and I hope others could benefit from it too…

Marketing digitally vs marketing traditionally is pretty much the same, so it is the fundamentals that you have to get right.  This means that it has to be an entire plan and not just a one off idea.  In the past I thought that buying an ad or banner in one of the portals could get leads or hits or sales but I was really wrong.  When you do so, you get 10% of the impact whereas when you integrate it into the entire marketing plan/campaign, you get at least 80% of the impact.  The same goes for twitter marketing – you can’t throw in one or two freebie or promotion and expect the whole community to jump into it.

The beauty of twitter marketing is the high quality crowd and the high level of engagement with the community.  And of course, the instant results when you do the right things right.

Draw a twitter marketing plan

Start with the end in mind – what is your objective of twitter marketing?  It can be to increase walk in, get people to go the the website, get people to enquire and more.  With the end in mind, we work backwards … that is how to reach this end objective.  The ‘how’ is the planned stuff like monthly freebies, contest, give-aways, special announcements and whatever you have in mind.  It is also a good idea to integrate the entire idea of twitter marketing with Foursquare if you have a brick & mortar.

Engage with the targeted audience

Its funny people tell me that they don’t have followers and when I ask them whether they tweet.. the answer is NO.  The same goes for an organization/brand – if you don’t create conversations with your target audience, who will follow you?  Of course, even when you have conversation with them, they need not necessarily follow you.  But you must engage, be interested in others, converse with them and you will gradually have followers.  Example: If you are in wellness industry – look out for keywords such as stress, pain and converse with these people .. maybe offer a free reflexology or ask them to bring a friend to enjoy some free wellness course.  The possibilities are endless.

Execute Twitter Marketing

Executing twitter marketing can be a full time job!  Monitor, manage and maintain your Twitter campaigns and at the same time listening to the conversations surrounding the topics.  No one expects a slow 24 hour turn around time for response, so be quick in your responses else you might generate more negatives than positives.

Monitor responses

If you don’t monitor, you will never know what works best – and I always believe that trial and error is a good way to test a new campaign.  There are many tools that you could use, some free some paid, to monitor your twitter marketing efforts.  Without monitoring, you will never get a feel of what works and what doesn’t.  You don’t want to be holding a gun and shooting in the dark and the same goes for twitter marketing ~ with a little science and calculation, you would be able to maximize your time and effort towards bringing the desired results.

Having said all that twitter marketing is a good marketing tool when combined with the entire marketing plan.

Cleverly executed twitter marketing can bring results that will far out-weight the investment (time & dollars) put in.  However, bear in mind that Twitter is a tool and not a work-it-all marketing tool like what some people think.  It is a free tool but you still need a twitter marketing plan on how you want to use it, work on it and lots of trial and error to see what works best.

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