Twitter Copywriting

I was in thinking deep this morning when it suddenly donned on me ~ what makes a good tweet and will there be a job scope called “twitter copywriting” as organizations and brands begin to embrace twitter aggressively?

I’m sure twitter copywriting skills will one day be a prerequisite for social media professionals because managing a twitter account for an organization / brand takes more than just frequency.

Anyway, here’s my two cents on twitter copywriting :-

Be Personal

Be personal ~ speak to others like a person and greet with names.  Do not insult, confuse or be offensive or else it will backfire in a bad way.

Be Relevant

The same old rule applies ~ keep to what you REALLY know bests.  Your followers are probably following you because of your topic of conversation.  Share your knowledge and offer advise / tips in the particular topic if you encounter others discussing about the topic. Or maybe just anything interesting in that particular niche that could be of interest to others.


If you can, throw questions to your followers and invite them to join in the discussion.  Be well aware of the industry going-ons and news and offer your insights.  Make people want to retweet you.  Also, if someone poses a question to you or reply you ~ be courteous and reply.

Compelling Offer

If its possible, try to offer something that your followers would want.  For a person who tweets about business, it would be nice to tweet about free business tools you discovered, or a free seminar/talk/conference or even a job opening!  Your tweet timeline is now of benefit to others.

Offer Good Links

Make sure your links are working.  A lot of times, because of copy paste and tweets being overlooked, the links are non-working or pointing to the wrong item.  Make sure your twitter copywriting ensures that everything is in good working order before sending out the tweet.

Wise Use of Words in Twitter Copywriting

If you are not completely convinced with what you have written, go back and re-do it.  Afterall, it is only 140 characters for you to make an impact.

Twitter copywriting done carefully can be very effective to attract quality followers and also to bring across your message to the followers.

It is also important for anyone managing an organization or brand’s twitter to behave as a person.  I noticed some notable brands whose tweets are person-related, such as a reply to an invitation to a social media event.  It feels like a real person behind the scene.  In comparison, I’ve noticed tweets whom are all talk and no engagement with the followers.  After a while, the all-talk feels like an advertisement billboard.  Therefore, a professional twitter copywriting is required to strike a balance between being personal, build engagement & relationship with followers and also to provide quality tweets.

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