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I’ve been so busy at work lately that I don’t have time to tweet or manually select those whom I want to follow and unfollow but I recently found a few twitter unfollow tools that could assist me in pruning my follower list.  I set an auto-follow via a twitter tool called Socialoomph.com.  One good thing about using this tool is that it automates the task of following those who follows me.  For me, its a courtesy gesture to follow those who follow me.  However, there are also those who are following others by the bulk to ‘jack up’ their follower list and those who are plain spammers.  So, it gets quite a bit of work when I try to weed out those who really tweets and those who are just blasting endless useless advertisements.  Thus, the solution was to use one of the twitter unfollow tools.

I’ve been searching for reliable twitter unfollow tools because going through the twitter followers one by one is a very time consuming task.

The beauty of the twitter unfollow tools is that it automates the process of weeding out the followers who are not following you; or rather in my case, I was looking for followers who purposely follow and quickly unfollow me.  By the way, if you are keen to understand your followers better, you could also read my previous article on understanding your twitter followers.

Here are some of the twitter unfollow tools I found:-

Twitter unfollow tools no.1

Twitter Karma

URL : http://dossy.org/twitter/karma/

This tool shows you the whole long list of those whom you are following & whom are following you.  You will instantly know whom you are following that are not following you and vice versa.  You can tick boxes beside the names to do a bulk follow or bulk unfollow.  Oh yes, you need to key in your twitter ID and your password to get this done.  Its simple, fast & easy to use this twitter unfollow tools.

Twitter unfollow tools no.2

Friend or Follow
URL : http://friendorfollow.com

You only need to key in your twitter ID and they will show you a list of (1) FOLLOWING – Those whom you are following but is not following you (2) FANS – Those whom are following you but you are not following them  (3) FRIENDS – Those whom are following you and you are also following them.  From this list, you can then click on the respective icons that brings you back to their twitter profiles and you can make a decision to follow / unfollow.  Ok, so you can’t do a bulk unfollow or follow but you have instant information on your fingertips to make a decision.

Twitter unfollow tools no.3

URL : http://www.untweeps.com/

With this twitter unfollow tools, you can see whom has not been actively updating their tweets.  This tool allows you to specify the total days of inactivity ~ so your report is customized according to your own criteria.  They call it ‘stale tweeps’.  With the whole long list, it is by default checked so you can just click on bulk unfollow if you want to.  I had a long list, and I was thinking to myself.. if they are not updating their twitter for 30 days, I believe they have permanently abandoned it?  If you have a long list of people you are following, you’d be surprised how big this pool of inactive tweeps can be!

Twitter unfollow tools no.4

URL : http://www.buzzom.com/

Once I key in my twitter ID, it gives me an option to Flush, Grow or Reciprocate.  The idea behind it is quite similar to the rest – follow those who follow you stuff.  An interesting add on is that it has a Twitter Statistics to measure your influence, retweet efficiency, retweet rank.. etc.

Twitter unfollow tools no.5

URL : http://www.justunfollow.com

Amongst the other twitter unfollow tools, I like this the best.  This tool lets your unfollow a maximum of 50 just by signing up using your Twitter id.  If you tweet their service, the limit increases by 100.  Its quite easy because it will tell you how many people are not reciprocating your follow and you can select one by one whoever you want to unfollow.  Among all the twitter unfollow tools, I’m still using this one to prune my follower list.

My current preferred twitter unfollow tools are Justunfollow & Friend or Follow as it is simple, easy and quick to use.

Currently, most of these twitter unfollow tools has disabled bulk unfollow, however you can still use the tool to weed out those whom you want to unfollow and the process can be done one-by-one.  If you want to use these twitter unfollow tools, please remember to unfollow ethically and do not mass unfollow as this could (possibly) lead to your twitter account being suspended, just like you could be suspended for mass following.  Use the twitter unfollow tools to prune your followers and not for unethical reasons and there would be no reason for twitter to suspend your twitter account.

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