Tune Hotels Penang

“Tune Hotels Penang”

That was my answer when I was asked which hotel I would prefer to put up in for my stay in Penang.  There were other choices but I wanted to try Tune Hotels since there was so much hype about it.  It was a trip to give a short talk in Segi Penang, that I covered in my last post…. and that was back in 2009.

I’m impressed with Tune Hotels because it lived up to its promises of 5 star quality ~ rather than use words, let the pictures tell the story…

Absolutely 5 Star Bed … and pillows are clean & fluffy, beddings are spotless …
The toilets are spotless and clean. It is a little crammed but its fine for me.
This is a familiar feature in Tune Hotels. Its hand drawn!
Everything is automated… you can double check what you have booked when you get into the room. Insert the card and it tells you whether you have paid for air-cond and hair dryer. Obviously I opted for no air-cond.. just testing out the Baby KDK fan. Its cool enough for me. 🙂
There is a safe in every room! Very convenient. Yes, it is complimentary.
I got a room with a view! How nice! The front is the main road leading to Burma Road/Penang Road.

There is no coffee tea making facility in the room, but there is 7 11 downstairs where you can buy any stuff you want 24 hours a day.  Even though the hotel is basic, it is good enough for me ~ a good bed, hot & powerful shower, convenience when I need it.  Oh yes, there is no TV in the room so for the TV addict… bring your own portable tv.. hahahaha…

Update on Tune Hotels

Tune Hotels now have TVs installed in the rooms so there is now entertainment in the room for a small fee.

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