Staying at Adeline’s Rest House

In the Gua Kandu eco-adventure trip, hubby’s sister booked the Adeline’s Rest House and Adeline’s Villa for the 13 of us.

Mother-in-law and her sister stayed in Adeline’s Villa – the newer phase of Adeline’s Rest House (Adeline Villa) while the rest of us stayed in Adeline’s Rest House, which is more of a back-to-nature chalet type.

Adeline's Rest House
7 of us slept in this house, that is built over a small stream. Inside the house, you will think that its raining outside...but actually the sound is the stream not the rain.
Adeline's Rest House
4 others stayed in this house, which is much smaller than ours. Under this house is a hammock - nice...
Adeline's Rest House
Most of the houses are built on top of the little stream, and surrounded by lots of greens.
Adeline's Rest House
The walls of the houses are made of bamboo strips (very much like the orang asli houses) and the balcony door is a draw down type (no lock). The room door has no key but you can bring your own padlock
Adeline's Rest House Overall Map
Overall map of Adeline's Rest House - its hand drawn ... so authentic... adds flavour to the resort 🙂

Each of the house in Adeline’s Rest House is divided into two portion – the room and the balcony. Because space was scarce and there were 7 of us in one of the houses, hubby and myself volunteered to sleep in the balcony area. I admit I was a bit too gung-ho because the balcony had no door and anyone can just walk in and cart us away (that is if they could manage a heavy weight like me.. lol). It has a draw-down bamboo blind as a door, with no actual door and anyone or any animal (if any) can just walk in to the balcony where we were sleeping. I never thought about it until it was time to sleep… but the tiredness make me doze off pretty quickly.

At 2am I had this sudden urge to go to the washroom – and the toilet is not attached to the houses. Like the old kampung houses, the toilets in Adeline’s Rest House are outside and you have to walk outside in the open to go to the washroom. Our unit is just 5 steps away from the washroom – so its a quick walk to and fro and back to bed. Just before we could close our eyes, all lights went off – it was like an electricity trip or something. It was complete darkness outside and I couldn’t really sleep after that for fear that there could be someone lurking out there in the darkness and we would have no clue because we can’t see anything out there. I think I only managed to sleep after like 1 hour or so.

Bathing is a real problem for me because I’m so used to warm water bath. The bath on the first day after getting soaked in the rain was awakening. The water is not just cold but icy cold – it felt like ice water from the refrigerator! I think only hubby and me took a bath right after the rain. And the next morning, I think I was the only one that took a bath at 7am. The water is freezing! It would be really nice if Adeline’s Rest House could have water heater installed.  Staying at Adeline’s Rest House is a new experience, even for a kampung girl like me … let alone the other urbanites.  LOL.  The price stated in the website for Adeline’s Rest House ranges from RM98 to RM138 per pax, depending on the type of food package you choose.  Adeline’s Rest House also have packages which includes the outdoor activities.

On the other hand, mother-in-law stayed in Adeline’s Villa, which is about 200 metres away from Adeline’s Rest House. Their unit (No. 111) is on the slope overlooking the kitchen and dining area, with a scenery of the hills and lush greenery. The best part of it all is that the walls are completely glass – so you can practically lie down on the bed while enjoying the scenery! It comes with bathroom attached and pretty huge one too! Inside the room are three single beds and one double bed. The beds are configured this way for each room, and they don’t adjust it even if you have less guest in the room. I didn’t take an actual pic of the villa.. but here’s a glimpse of how beautiful it is.  The package for 2 Day 1 Night stay at Adeline’s Villa is RM188 (please check their website for exact price, which is subject to changes) per pax – and this includes one lunch, one dinner and one breakfast.

Adeline's Villa
One of the villa - notice the nice walls and classy window panes.
Adeline's Villa
Mum in law's unit in the background. You can see the balcony on the right top side of the pic
Adeline's Villa
One of the unit in front of my mum in law's unit. Nice huh?

The food is very good to my standard. Let the pics tell the story.

Adeline's Villa kitchen
Open concept kitchen at Adeline's Villa. They are preparing the food and serving it to you piping hot. Their display counter itself makes the food look extra appetizing!
Dinner at Adeline's Rest House
Dinner is BBQ ... yummy yummy
BBQ Dinner at Adeline's Villa
Hubby opted for no rice...
Breakfast at Adeline's Villa
Breakfast is also very good. Maybe the cold made me extra hungry
Bamboo Soup
The famous bamboo soup at Adeline's Villa

We also ate durians during our stop over at Gopeng town and this old man helped us choose really nice durians. They were quite cheap – comparatively in KL it would have cost 3 fold. His shop is on the same row with the Heritage House – his is the corner lot, near to the roundabout.

Durian at Gopeng
Durian at Gopeng

The afternoon we arrived at Adeline’s Rest House, it started to rain so instead of caving at Gua Kandu, we stayed back to rest and went to the swollen river which looked pretty scary! It had a bridge that connects both sides and is completely covered in water every time it rains. According to the locals, the local’s access (by car/van/lorry) are completely cut off every time it rains but there is another pedestrian bridge though not accessible by big vehicles on the top.


Adeline's Rest House
The rain water from upstream was so rapid and swift, it looked like a perfect spot for white water rafting. It is completely covered the bridge that connects the two sides.
Rapid river
Another pic of the river. The river is a mere 100 metres away from Adeline's Rest House. We initially thought we could take a dip in the river.
I took this pic from the pedestrian bridge on top of the river.

The stay at Adeline’s Rest House is something new for me and I love the back-to-nature feel to it.  Besides Adeline’s Rest House, the Gua Kandu caving is a real test to our mental and physical limits.  While staying at Adeline’s Rest House, there are a host of other activities to keep you occupied – white water rafting, wet abseiling, jungle trekking, night walk, Rajah Brooke butterfly watching and they also cater for team building.

An article about Adeline’s Rest House in The Star ~

Contact Information for Adeline’s Rest House and Adeline’s Villa

Address : Lot 13302, Mukim Teja, Kampung Geruntum, Sungai Itik, 31600 Gopeng, Perak, Malaysia.
Website :
Telephone : 6017 572 1113(Adeline) or 6019 556 1113(Ian)
Remarks : Adeline’s Villa is 200 meters away from Adeline’s Rest House.

Adeline’s Rest House is highly recommended for those who love eco-adventure!

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