Special Trip to Cherating at Ruby’s Resort

“We are going to Ruby’s Resort in Cherating” said hubby.

Its a family trip organized by hubby’s sister.  The entire entourage had 10 adults and 2 kids, in 3 cars.  I was told that it will be a dorm-style accommodation whereby there will be 5 bunk beds, and toilet facility is limited to one and its outside the room.  I’ve never stayed in dorms or travel backpack-style so this type of accommodation is not my cup of tea… and the thought of toilet outdoor scares me!  What if I need to have a toilet break midnight?

Ruby’s Resort – I was told.

Well, not as scary as I initially imagined it to be.  When we arrived at Cherating, it was a short 5 minutes drive away to Ruby’s Resort.  There was a tiny road leading into Club Med Cherating thereafter we were supposed to follow a gravel road leading to the resort.  Very adventurous, I thought. On arrival, I was pleased.  🙂  It was peaceful and there was a private beach for the resort – very pleasant indeed!  The best of it all was the amount of fur friends in the resort!!  They were brought in by the guest.  Yes!  Ruby’s Resort is a dog-friendly beach resort, probably the only one in Malaysia, I think…  The chalets all had a small verandah in front of them – so the dogs had a small confined area to themselves.  Some owners brought the dogs for walk, some took them for a swim.

I’m so fond of dogs, so I took every opportunity to pat the dogs, play with them, say hi and made some new friends.  Below are some of my new fur buddies :-

Ruby's Resort in Cherating
The dog is a Labrador named Stout. He looks BIG and intimidating and fierce, but he is absolutely not. Very super friendly and adorable. He doesn't disturb the guest and walk around like he is one of the human. Hahahaha...

The above pic is me and Stout, the resident dog of Ruby’s Resort.  I watched him greeting the resort guest by standing at the cafe door, waiting to be patted.  When I took this photo, he was waiting to get inside the staff area.  Cute dog, isn’t he? (well, hubby didn’t really agree with this statement… hahaha )

Ruby's Resort at Cherating
The dog is a Golden Retriever named Mickey. Very friendly with human and other dogs. 🙂

This dog belongs to one of the resort guest.  The owner told me that this adorable Golden Retriever is Mickey.  He is friendly and gave me this huge smile every time I look at him, or was he?

Ruby's Resort at Cherating
Hi! My name is Taiko. I'm a Siberian Husky.

Yes, a Siberian Husky!  He never fails to wags his tail every time I walk past.  I felt like hugging him!  I took the above pic when he was relaxing in front of the porch of his owner’s chalet.

 They were not the only dogs I made friends with.  Most of them I did not have a chance to photograph them.  I had lots of fun with the dogs, but that’s not all.  It was an educational trip (lol) as there was firefly watching boat trip and also a trip to watch the turtles laying eggs.  My camera couldn’t snap photos in the pitch darkness without flash, so I could only poach hubby’s photographs taken on his super 24MB DSLR. (NOTE: Pic has since disappeared from the link I used… sorry!)

This green turtle was laying eggs when we arrived.  And this pic was taken after the process.  She was covering up the hole filled with eggs.  According to the ranger, the whole process of laying eggs till she goes back to the sea takes approx 3 hours.

 It was a short and nice trip.  I think I’ll make another trip to Ruby’s Resort again to check up on other owner’s dogs … 🙂  If you are a dog owner (& lover), you might want to check out Ruby’s Resort and I’ve also mapped the coordinates on google map below.

Center map
Google MapsGet Directions

Check out Ruby’s Resort here.

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