Social Media Mistakes

Its common for social media mistakes to happen, especially when it is not ‘thorough’ or organization-wide.  Most of the time, its the marketing team whom are in charge while the rest of the organization are completely unaware of the social media initiatives that has taken place. Your social media campaign does not work as expected, the campaign generated negative return on investment, you are expected to “turn it over” or its the end of social media for your organization.

What went wrong? Is it the strategy? Is it the approach? Is is the wrong tool?

There are many factors but I’ve singled out 5 social media mistakes common to most organizations:-

Social Media Mistakes No. 1 :

One-Solution-Fit-All Sales Strategy
Most organizations have a systematic approach for handling sales, however leads generate via social media campaigns should be handled differently. For leads generated via other means, the fast-conversion approach is the best way to close the deal. However for leads from social media, this approach might be a total turn off because you had worked hard in building relationship & interest and suddenly you are screaming for the sale. People absolutely LOVE TO BUY but HATE TO BE SOLD. There should be a separate approach for handling leads from social media campaigns and this approach should focus on how you can assist, what other issues they would have and how you can meet their requirements.

Social Media Mistakes No. 2:

Buy Now Strategy
Its quite common for us to see email messages screaming with “buy now” and nothing else. This is a no-no for leads generated via social media because people expect you to know who they are, where they come from and that you understand what they are looking for. Most of the social media leads are not in the buying phase (yet) and are sourcing for information or need clarification to questions they have in mind. Try to provide useful information or a valuable advice prior to following up with a buy now strategy. This is a classic social media mistake, so remember that the Buy Now strategy should not be in the first communication, where possible.

Social Media Mistakes No. 3:

Not Asking For The Sale
This is a direct opposite of the first two, but there are campaigns that never ask for the sale at all. Give your leads a convenient way to become a customer because if they need to search it on their own, likelihood a competitor has offered them a way to become their customer. So, remember to provide a way for your customer to make the purchase and do not make this simple social media mistake.  Don’t feel shy to ask, especially when its about making a sale.

Social Media Mistakes No. 4:

Not Using the Lead Form.
There are multiple ways to using the lead form. Most of the time, organizations are confused with the exact way of how to use the lead form. You have a form for interested potential customer, but how about customers whom are simply shopping for information? They way you deal with these two groups of customers are different too – so do not treat every inquiry the same. Also, depending on the campaign that you are running, leads responding to it will also need to be treated differently.

Social Media Mistakes No. 5:

Not Providing Content Leading to Decision Making
One of the benefits of social media is the ability to provide content that can resolve doubt and confusion, and hopefully turn the fence sitters to your side. Thus, your content should be aimed at helping people to choose your service/product. This is the point where you can use a variety of marketing tools to help the potential customer make a decision – white papers, webinars, testimonials, trial accounts and demos to lead the customer into the sales funnel.

Social media mistakes is not just the strategy that could affect your social media campaign, there are many before and after elements that could affect the entire campaign.

Avoid the common social media mistakes – study how the social media leads are being channeled and ‘looked after’ and you will find that the leads will convert faster, better and hopefully, deliver a much better ROI.

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