Prayers on Chinese New Year Eve

It was a fairly busy day ~ mum woke up early in the morning to cook all the food in preparation for the Chinese New Year prayers.

Half way cooking, we realized that the gas tank was empty and even our spare gas tank was empty!  I forgot to replace it the spare gas tank!!!  We had to drive to the main distributor to get our supply of gas and mum continued cooking after we returned with the new gas tank.  At times like this, I wished we has piped-in gas… but here in Malaysia, its mostly available in high rise apartments only.

It is customary to pray to our ancestors on the day before the Chinese New Year.  After all the prayers, it was time to feast on the food.  🙂 The “Ju Hu Char” is my mum’s specialty and she has made “Pie Tee” to go with it.  The sea cucumber dish is cooked by my sister-in-law.  There was abundance of food, so we are keeping the food for tomorrow’s meal.

Chinese New Year is one of the best moments to forgo diet 🙂

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