My Malaysian Passport Application


That’s the time I had in mind to reach the Kelana Jaya Immigration Office to renew my expired passport. Made sure I slept early the night before so that I could get up by 5.00am. Left house at 6.00am and reached the Subang tol at 6.30am. Quite a smooth ride partly because its still school holiday season. After the tol, there is a minor exit to the petrol kiosk which then has a small slip road to Plaza Glomac. The road curves around the Immigration Office building (its the last unit), so you just need to go straight and there is a multi storey car park. It cost RM2.20 per hour.
Kelana Jaya Immigration Office at 6.30am

Walked along the shops to reach there, and there was already 4 person queuing up. I looked at the time. 6.35am.

At 7.00am, we could hear the door shutters opening from the inside. Shortly after the security guard came out and handed everyone a small form. “Fill it up,” he said. We waited till 7.30am when one of the Immigration Officers came out and told us that the system is down and they are rectifying the problem, however there is no confirmation as to how long it will take and we can choose to leave or wait. I waited, and waited, and waited. I gave up at 10.00am and left. Stood there for 3.5 hours and couldn’t get my passport renewed. I decided to make a 2nd attempt the following day.

Left house at 5.45am. Reached Kelana Jaya at 6.15am. There was 2 person hanging around, and I told them to queue up before others start coming. So three of us queued up in front of the door. The same thing happened – doors opened, guard came out and passed the small form and we waited. At 7.30am sharp, doors opened and we were given our numbers. Relief, I thought. (2)
Left : My queue number. I’m third in the queue! Right : The form that was given out.

Sat down for probably 10 minutes and there was an announcement. System is down. Again? Since I already have a queue number, I decided to wait. I came prepared, so I was reading my book then opened my laptop to get some work done. The system was up and running at 10.00am and my number was called. Phew! They took my Identification Card and got me to verify my thumbprints. Then they asked me to pose for a photo. That’s it done! I was then asked to wait for my number to be called to make payment. Made payment of RM200 at 10.06am and was told to wait 1 hour for passport collection.

At 11.00am, I went back to the Immigration Office and collected my passport. You must bring the receipt they gave you and you have to be there in person as you will be required to verify with your thumbprint. The process was smooth and fast, minus the system down waiting time. Went to collect my car and the parking cost me an enormous RM11.00. I drove back feeling pleased, at least I got my passport renewed. 🙂 (3)
Finally! The receipt for my passport!

6.15am – Arrived
7.00am – Guard passed paper slips to fill up
7.30am – Doors open
7.45am – Announcement of system down
10.00am – System revived
10.03am – My number was called
10.06am – Made the payment
11.00am – Collected my passport

What to bring to apply for new / renew Malaysian Passport
1. Yourself (you can’t get a proxy to go for you, as you’ll need to verify your identity with thumbprints)
2. Your Identification Card
3. Pen (you need this to fill up the form)
4. Drinking water (the wait can be long)
5. Reading materials / your tablet or phone (staring in the blank for hours is no fun)

What to note
1. You don’t need to bring photographs. Your photo will be snapped on the spot.
2. Be early as the queue can get very long very fast. From what I heard, there is a quota per branch per day. Once they reach the quota, no new queue numbers will be given.
3. Senior citizens and disabled people (OKU) will be given different numbers (from what I see, it starts with “2” so its 2XXX instead of the usual number which is 1XXX). However you will still need to join in the queue before you can get your number.
4. No eating / drinking allowed in the premise. So don’t bring nasi lemak to eat or dripping wet packed drinks. However I believe taking a sip from your water tumbler to quench your thirst is ok.
5. I’m not sure where else to park other than the multi storey car park, but they seemed pretty expensive for RM2.20 per hour. So be prepared with sufficient change to make the payment.

If you are applying for a Malaysian passport, I hope my experience in Kelana Jaya Immigration Office at Plaza Glomac helps you.

P/S : This is my experience dated 4th June 2015. Procedures may change from time to time, so do check out the Immigration Department website if you need precise information.

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