Dog Outing Part 2

In my previous article on “Dog Outing at Desa Parkcity with Muffin“, I posted photos of Muffin but did not post photos of the other canine friends I took during the outing.

Check out them out below :-

Lion looking dog 🙂 I know, its a Chow Chow breed. He is HUGE! The tongue looks a little purplish? I think the photo editing went a little awry… :/
Very obedient Saint Bernard. He has a collar around his neck but his owner need not hold onto him. He just sits there and allows everyone to ‘molest’ him. Cute!
Schanauzer with a pink bag pack. He is carrying personal sanitary supplies for himself! Hahaha
Cute huggy pug. There were many pugs.. but I snapped just one of it. 🙂 This one is adorably cute.
This one is a Border Collie, according to his owner. A very young dog.. probably a couple of months old.
This dog has a unique hair-dolike a very messy yet stylish one. Very super cute.

Dogs are great ice breakers and breaks all barriers between strangers.  You can practically walk up to any dog owner and ask them any question about their canine buddy… and they are very happy to have a chat with you.  Love the atmosphere!

Erm…while I don’t have a dog to call my own but I do own a Pinterest board on dogs called Dog Love…do check it out.

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