My First Tweetup

There is always the first time and its my first tweetup .

Meeting up with my Twitter buddies. *phew* I’m not really the ‘meeting-up’ kind of person and I was feeling very unsure up till the very last minute.  I would say that its fate that brought us all together and so we met ala-@JasonGan-coffee-talk-style in Starbucks Jaya One. The group comprised of @JasonGan @PrincessJoLing @eltonkuah @Flashout13 and of course yours truly @chewmeiling.

I liked the fact that everyone turned up for the tweetup in their everyday attire and that sets the mood to ‘relaxed’ – something that made everyone felt like friends for a long time.  The tweetup became a cool sharing session, mostly about social media and also a little bit of our personal life.  After all, it was the first time we met so we took time to get to know each other a little bit more.

Some of the things we spoke about during the tweetup …

Social Media is about Ideas
Technology enhances ideas. Without ideas, technology is dead. No amount of tools can replace the need for ideas. Without ideas (good ones!), social media is not function-able. Fresh, crazy ideas are a must!

Social Media is about being daring
Recycling ideas are for those who are not daring enough to venture into something new. Maybe due to business restrictions, a lot of social media campaigns today are nothing new. If no one dares to try new ideas, we are as good as staying status quo in everything we do?

Social Media is about real business results
I’ve read a gazillion of times that social media is not able to bring real business results, but yesterday’s discussion changed my perception. I used to think that its about engagement, bla bla bla… but now I know that social media can bring in actual business results … like increased sales, additional leads, more reach… in short, its measurable metrics and ROIs (does that rings a bell in your ears?)

Social Media is an art and science, combined into one
Putting up a Facebook page and having a Twitter ID is just the beginning. You need a consultant who can go deep dive into your business, utilize his brain juices to churn out actionable, business-driven campaign to meet end objectives.  The who what why when and how are answered by numbers and statistics; justifying actions and forecast results – now that’s not just about guessing or estimating!

Social media is here to stay
In 2009, I told my peers that every marketer must equip themselves with social media knowledge.  I foresee digital to be a very important chuck in every marketing plan and in 2010, it happened.  With the multiple benefits social media can bring, its no surprise that more budgets are being allocated for this and more companies are jumping into the bandwagon.  Social media is not a fad, it delivers real business results and is going to stay!

I became involved in digital marketing 4 years ago when online banners were the main big boys, and in my small tiny organization I recommended the use of online medium in a large way.  Now, I’m ready to get into action.  🙂  Digital marketing is my passion and expert I may not be but that has never stopped me from doing what I’ve wanted all this while.  I agree with @eltonkuah and @JasonGan that once you are doing something you are passionate about, it really doesn’t feel like a job.  Some time back a peer told me that if I put in the exact amount of energy, effort and excitement in my own venture, I would go very far.  Now is the time to test it.

There will be more tweetup … and more Starbucks?


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