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Twitter tools, both free to use or paid option, that can assist in monitoring conversations and topics, schedule messages and perform analysis to make informed marketing decisions.  You’ll find a bunch of twitter tools that might or might not be useful in your marketing work, in fact some that dates back to 2009 when I first wrote the article and are no longer in existence.  I edit the list often for accuracy so do inform me if you notice any that have dropped off the face of earth.


My compilation of twitter tools:-


Trendsmap []
It is a real-time mapping of Twitter trends across the world. Just type in the location and you will see the top trending topics in the specific location.  Alternatively, you can also move/zoom around the map and click on the topics for more information.  They also have a “Hot Topics from around the globe” and “Featured Cities from around the globe”.

NearbyTweets [] – No longer in existence
This is a geography-centric social tool for networking and a business tool for building customer relationships and monitoring real-time buzz.  This tool can be used to monitor real-time buzz in a location within a specific radius, using specific keywords.  If you are looking for people in your area who are discussing on a specific keyword, this is a good tool to use.

Twitt(url)y [] – No longer in existence
The tool that track and rank the URLs people are talking about on Twitter.  It works on taking note of URLs people tweet and applies it as a vote for that URL.  The more ‘votes’ it accumulates, the higher its ranks on Twitturly’s Top 100.  Twittulry only shows the 100 most popular URLs over the last 24 hours, and uses smart algorithms to catch spams and robots on twitter.

Breaking Tweets [] – No longer in existence
UPDATE: When I last checked, this website is down.
Read world news twitter-style.  According to the website, it is seeking to prove the value of Twitter as a breaking news source and journalistic platform.  In my opinion, its a fast way to get a quick update on world news.

Tinker [] – No longer in existence
You can search for top news, events, topics and places in top conversations on Twitter and Facebook.  Just need to type in the search box.

Twittonomy []
Detailed and visual analytics of your twitter account, plus get insights on people who follow you. You can also export search analytics on keywords, hashtags, URLs which would be a great tool to monitor!

BlueNod []
Find influencers with this visual tool, target topic related Twitter community for content marketing and get real time twitter visualization.


TweetStats []
Curious about your twitter statistics? This tool gives you a graph to show the total tweets by month and also your tweet density by time.  The graphs also show your average hourly tweets, and the interface you use to post your tweets.  Interestingly it also show whom you reply to and whom you retweet to!

Twitter Counter []
You can compare your stats with another two other profiles in their main page.  It gives you a prediction of total followers for tomorrow and in the next 30 days ~which I believe is calculated based on the historical data of your profile’s followers.  If you have a blog/website, there is a twitter widget that you can customize and used.  They offer a premium version that allows you to compare multiple twitter accounts, view larger graphs, download the statistics and more.  You need to authorize your access with Twitter’s OAuth.

Twitterholic []
This twitter tools is really for fun, or as I believe.  It shows you your total followers, friends(whom you follow) and updates(total tweets) and then tells you your rank on twitterholic.  You have to try this as it shows your worldwide rank and also your rank according to your location. The location is derived from the location you specified in your twitter profile, so if you did not key in your location correctly you will not get an accurate rank.
[@chewmeiling ranks 83,225 and no.24 in Kuala Lumpur on 23 Nov 2009.  On 9 Nov 2010, my rank is 44,070 and no.9 in Kuala Lumpur]

TwitterScore []
UPDATE: When I last checked, this website is down.
You can check your profile score – and according to their page, the score is based on your followers and their popularity, the amount of people you’re following and the amount of updates you have and “other few things”(this is exactly what’s being said in the website!).  It seemed like every Twitter score has got their own calculation methods and styles.  How did I score? chewmeiling scored 5.1 out of 10.

TwitterAnlyzer []
This tool tells you your influence, signal, generosity, velocity and clout.  It has got all the explanation on what all these items meant ~ just too much for me to cover in this post.  It also tells you who your key influencers are.  My influence is just 3.5 out of 100, and is apparently ‘slowly developing’.  In my opinion, this is a great twitter tools to use if you are looking for an influencer for your social media campaigns.

Twitter Grader []
My rank is 201,348 out of 5,705,454 on this one with a grade of 96.5 out of 100.  It gives you a short summary of your own profile.  Their algorithm depends on number of followers, power of followers, updates, update recency, follower/following ratio and engagement.
[@chewmeilng rank is 94,072 out of 8,069,198 & grade is 98.8/100 on 9 Nov 2010.  Yes, my grade and ranked has dropped as I have not been tweeting as regular as I did previously]


TweetBeep []
The tool that allows you to keep track of conversations that mention you, your company or anthing at all with hourly updates.  It has the ability to keep track of who’s tweeting your website/blog even if they are using shortened URLs.  Amazing!  This is absolutely good for online reputation management.  If you know what Google Alert is, then you’ll know what Twitter alert is? 🙂  The free version offers you 10 free alerts by keywords (you can set the alert to be hourly or daily) and specify even up to by whom, to whom etc. More detailed that Google Alert.  Paid version gives you more alerts.  I’m using this to track the keywords I’m monitoring.

Tweet Seek []
NOTE : When I last checked, the site is down.
This is a Twitter search tool for keywords.  It works like a search engine except for its searching all the tweets for the keywords you are looking for.

TwitterHawk []
NOTE : When I last checked, the site is down.
The tagline they use is “twitter targeted marketing” – in a nutshell the tool allow you to do keyword search automatically and you can enter draft responses you want to send which can be automated or manual.  It does real time searching and you can target your messages to the right keywords in an automated mode. I kind of like this but I’ve not used it.  Once you sing up, you get 10 free tweets.  [Paid Solution]

ObjectiveMarketer []
Currently still in beta, this is a centralized campaign management system for social marketers.  According to the website, it offers comprehensive analytic on campaign and channel performance with actionable insights.  You can sign up for a 30 day free trial signup thereafter you can upgrade to a fully paid daccount. [Paid Solution]


HootSuite []
This is a professional twitter client that allows you to tweet, monitor keywords, manage multiple accounts and more.  You can even schedule tweets ~ especially useful if you have time-sensitive tweet.  Thanks to Josh Lim for that tip 🙂  The current version allows not only Twitter, but also Facebook, LinkedIn and  It is currently a free beta version.

Sendible []
It calls itself as a ‘complete messaging platform’ ~ and you can tweet and update your facebook status from this client.  You can schedule email, sms and social network messages ahead of time from one place.  They have a free version (which comes with an ad liner with every of your message) and paid versions starting from USD3 per month (I’m not sure if their prices differ by country as I notice the last bit of the pricing URL indicating country=MY).

Social Oomph []
I just tried out this twitter client, and it offers more functionalities than the one I have used. You can still do the tweet scheduling by minutes & hours. At the same time you can track keywords, save and resuse drafts, schedule DMs to new followers (and even have a few versions), Automate follow & unfollow, amongst others.  I’m using the auto-follow function with rotating DMs to new followers-And this is the FREE version!  If you want more functionalities, opt for the Professional version, which gives you more keyword search funcitonalities, private tweet viewing, manage DMs with automatic spam control, manage multiple accounts with their integrated console.. and many many more.  You just have to go to their website to see the long list of functionalities.

It is interesting to note that there are various twitter tools available for free that could be very useful for those who are using twitter for professional purposes.  While there are paid versions that offers more functionality, the free tools are equally good if you do not require extensive reports and insights.

I use the above twitter tools to have a better understanding of my twitter accounts and will update as and when I come across twitter tools that are worth using and mentioning.

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