Langkawi Training Trip Part 2

This whole Langkawi trip was unplanned and we booked everything pretty last minute however we took the opportunity to maximize the trip by visiting as many places as we could.  This post continues from the previous Langkawi Training Trip Part 1 post.

I love the white sandy beaches so much!  Pantai Cenang in Langkawi is a paradise any time of the day.  We did not spend much time on the beach because we had a packed schedule to go to as many places as we could.  The beach is very inviting – just feel like jumping in! Hahaha..

White sandy beaches at Pantai Cenang
More pics on Pantai Cenang.

Hubby wanted so much to eat at this place called “Hole in the Wall” – which is a restaurant that is only accessible via boat.  We parked our car at the public car park, and called a mobile phone number (provided in one of the blog we read previously) for the boat to come and pick us up at the jetty.  The boat ride of approximately 10 minutes is free, however you have a spend a minimum of RM100 in the restaurant.  Our lunch came to slightly above RM100 – we ordered some fish dishes alongside with other stuff which adds up to that amount.

Free boat trip to go to “Hole in the Wall” restaurant
Blue skies, calm waters …
Fish ‘exhibition’ at the restaurant… its free too.

After checking out of Four Points, we stayed at the Geopark Hotel so that we could catch the earliest cable car up Gunung Machinchang the next morning.  A word of advise though… the Oriental Village is a total darkness at night and there is no shops opened as it approaches evening.  It can get pretty scary because there is no one in sight except for the hotel guest and hotel staff.  And if you are having hunger pangs, you might have to just sleep on it because none of the shops are open at night.  We had a rented car, so we drove out of the Oriental Village to the Pantai Cenang area.  Overall, I would have preferred to stay in a more populated area – food and everything to be just 5 steps away.  The drive to Oriental Village is also quite scary at night – pitch darkness all the way back to the hotel.

Geopark Hotel inside the Oriental Village, which is at the foothills of Gunung Machinchang

The next morning, we walked just 10 steps to the cable car station , bought our tickets and took the first ride up.  The view from the top is just amazing … totally takes my breath away.

The view from the cable car – spectacular!
At the viewing platform, you get a 360 degree view of everything! Amazing sight!
The hanging bridge. If you have some mischievous people jumping on the bridge, it actually rocks like crazy and can get pretty scary. Its not that scary, however my legs felt rubbery as I walked on it. Hahaha…

Again, we did not get a chance to go to Pulau Payar this round.  I’ve been wanting so much to snorkel at Pulau Payar after seeing all the wonderful pics… maybe in my next trip to Langkawi.


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