Langkawi Training Trip Part 1

This Langkawi trip took place in December 2011.  It was a last minute arrangement to go to Langkawi to conduct a social media training for an agency and hubby took the opportunity to tag along.

A lesson to learn, last minute flight arrangements are expensive and scarce.  The plan was to book hubby into the same MAS flight so that we can travel together.  There was no available seat when we wanted to book, so we had to settle for Air Asia at almost RM500 for a one way journey to Langkawi!  I also booked his return flight on Air Asia at almost the same price. RM1,000 for a return flight KL ~ Langkawi!  The most expensive in-country flight I’ve ever purchased.

The taxi had to fetch both of us and dropped hubby off at LCCT and then drop me off at KLIA… and the taxi driver asked whether we are going to different places.  He was equally surprised when I told him that we are going to the same destination in different flights at different time.  LOL.   Hubby arrived in Langkawi first, and one hour later I arrived together with the other trainer and the organizers.

We checked into Four Points by Sheraton Langkawi, and its just 5 minutes drive away from the Langkawi Airport.  The hotel feels spacious from the lobby… you can instantly feel the spaciousness by the way they arrange the lobby furniture.  Everything is like a mile away from the next item.  Hotel room is huge.. something like 450 sq ft for the standard room.  Pics below :-

Spacious room – plush bed with a 2 seater sofa. The balcony overlooks the greenery area.
Plentry of leg space! Everything is very generously spaced from each item.
The washroom has toilet, wash basin, long bath and shower area in the four corners. Spacious, clean and well equipped.
Long bath and shower are separated.

The hotel is right beside the beach, and is just about 15 minutes (by foot) and 5 minutes (by car) from the airport.  If you love to take a stroll along the beach, this is a nice place to stay in but to take a dip in the water… I don’t think so.  The waters were quite rough in the evenings and I dare not go into the waters.  On the other hand, the hotel has an amazing infinity pool which is super huge ~ according to the organizers, the swimming pool is one of the largest in Langkawi.

Large infinity swimming pool overlooking the beach.
Plenty of deck chair if you love to sun bathe. Not for me.. I just love the view from the deck chair in the evening.
Inside this glass building is the dining area, where breakfast and dinner is served. Nice unblocked view of the beach.
The front building are the rooms, you can see the balcony and the sliding door positioned to face the beach. The one of the right is the dining hall. The left side is the pool and the beach.

Overall the hotel is spacious and clean but there is no amenities nearby.  If you are expecting to walk out of the hotel to some buzzing tourist strip, this is a no-no.  But if you are here for a honeymoon, walking down the beach hand-in-hand and having virtually no one screaming down the hallway of your hotel aisle, this is the hotel for you.  I would have preferred to stay in a more ‘happening’ place like Pantai Cenang, so that I can take a stroll in the evenings while enjoying some nice local dinner.

There is just too many photos to share in one single post, so I’ll cover the rest of the Langkawi trip in my next post.


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