Goh Huat Seng Teochew Charcoal Steamboat

In my recent trip to Penang, hubby insisted on going to try this charcoal steamboat even though its nothing special or new to me because we used to do steamboat using charcoal in my younger years.

But since the urban guy is so keen to go, we obliged and off we went to Penang island to search for this place called Goh Huat Seng Teochew Charcoal Steamboat in Lebuh Kimberley.

Even though I’m born in Penang and spent a couple of growing up year there, I was never familiar with the roads in Penang.  So, it was a bit of merry-go-round before we finally found Lebuh Kimberley.  Even with GPS (non voice assisted GPS) and a very lousy navigator (the urban guy), the expert driver (yours truly) still managed to find this special charcoal steamboat restaurant. Hahaha…

I must say that the steamboat pot itself is unique… look at it yourself.  Its pretty shallow so it is quite hard to dish out the stuff you put in.  The helping is surprisingly little ~ the one you see in the pic is stuff for 2 pax.   When the charcoal steamboat pot arrived, there was already vegetables placed inside – so unlike the KL version that they serve you the vegetables raw and you choose whether you want to put it in the pot, this one is already inside.  The soup is quite tasty.. must be their secret recipe.  We ordered a plate of mee to go with the meal, and it taste quite good too.  Our total bill (2 pax steamboat + 1 plate of mee + chinese tea for 3 pax) came to RM52.  Not too bad for a different experience. 🙂

If you are keen to try the charcoal steamboat at Goh Huat Seng, be early (not later than 6:30pm) because it can get packed and parking is quite a challenge.  We arrived at 7:00pm and there were only two empty tables by then.

The charcoal steamboat pot is quite small and they put a long funnel on top to prevent the charcoal fire from flying all over.
There were cuttlefish, fish, chicken meat, sotong ... etc. This plate is for 2 pax.
The first place came with this plate too ... meat, tau foo and other meat balls ... collectively they are for 2 pax
The worst part about ordering is not having a menu. We simply ordered a mee without actually knowing what it would be like. The outcome is ok, but not what hubby wanted. 😛

(Pictures are courtesy of Bryan Koh – thank you for the nice photography!)

Goh Huat Seng Teochew Charcoal Steamboat

Address: 59A, Kimberly Street, Penang.
Price : RM20 per pax (for steamboat only)

Check out the location at the below map.

Charcoal steamboat is pretty interesting as most steamboat these days (commercial or at home) do not use the traditional charcoal version anymore.

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