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I’ve never once thought that I would have an opportunity to be in front of a huge audience, to be a speaker, and to speak on the topic of IT security.

I’ve done a few speaking sessions in the past, also on IT security, which is part of my job as the Senior Marketing Manager.  I was speaking on behalf of the company I was working with (back then) and the objective was to spread awareness on IT security and of course, to sell what we were selling (obviously).  But this round was a little different, because I was the only speaker for the day and the audience was there just for this session.

It happened in 2009, so it was quite a while back.  I was cleaning up the files and folders and came across the below pics of my visit to Segi Penang, and me as a speaker for the day.  Segi Penang also wrote a short article on the speaking session at their website :- http://www.segi.edu.my/news/Penang_IT_Security.html.

The audience was made up of students and staff of Segi Penang
Me in action. I look so tiny in front of the audience… like a midget.

Being the speaker gives you an opportunity to say what you want to say, with minimal interruption and its a good chance to sell… LOL

It was a fun and exhilarating experience to be a speaker in front of student, lecturer and staff combination in Segi College Penang.  Other speaking sessions I’ve did was for TAR College in PJ and Malaysian Employers Federation (MEF) in Penang and Kuala Lumpur, on the same topic and approach.

Being a speaker in front of a huge audience is quite challenging – you have to remember what you want to say, you need to control the crowd, you need to entertain the crowd and you need to focus on those whom are not paying attention and also those whom are paying close attention to you.  I learn a lot from these experiences and I would never trade them for anything else.

Given a chance… I would want to be a speaker again but on the topic of marketing or social media 🙂

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