Excellent Kelantan Food : Nasi Kerabu at Belanga

Belanga has one of the best Kelantan food in town especially the Nasi Kerabu(in my opinion), surpasses one of the Kelantan food outlet in KLCC (can’t recall the name but I remember they had horrible customer service).

Belanga has a very kampung look, walls with cement render but tastefully furnished kitchen ~ everything looks very ‘designer’ and classy, so is the price tag  *LOL*.  Looks aside, their food is really really good.

Personally I’m a fan of Nasi Kerabu and Nasi Dagang, so I rarely try out the other food in the menu – but I read other reviews saying that their Laksam and Nasi Tumpang is excellent too. The ingredients that they used on the Nasi Kerabu is freshly cut and you can feel the juiciness of the raw vegetables. Most of the Nasi Kerabu I’ve tried feels dry because the ingredients are cut gazillion years ago and loses its fresh taste.

Nasi Kerabu
Nasi Kerabu at Belanga

The Nasi Kerabu has got fried grated coconut, cucumber, beansprouts, daun kusum (not sure what this is called in English), salted egg and keropok (fried fritters).

You get to choose either Ikan Bakar (grilled fish) or Daging (roasted beef) as the main dish.  I absolutely love the Ikan Bakar, and for those who know me well knows that I actually don’t like to eat fish but for the Nasi Kerabu at Belanga, fish is THE CHOICE :).  Sometimes good food converts you… hahaha…  The fish is grilled to perfection and served hot.

Nasi Kerabu with Daging

My dad was already mixing the whole plate of Nasi Kerabu when I took the above pic – it tells you how good it look (and taste!).  His was the Daging version, there are about 10 pieces of sliced beef.  Being a Kelantanese himself, he said the food is good compared to the many we’ve tried in KL.  Price is a bit steep because you can buy a plate of Nasi Kerabu (I admit not comparable in terms of ambience and freshness) for RM3.00 or less in normal shops … especially in our usual place in Taman Kok Doh, Segambut.  Belanga’s Nasi Kerabu is more than RM10.00 per plate.  You can expect chalking up a bill of more than RM50.00 for 3 person… but the satisfaction of eating good Kelantanese food … yummy!


The Gardens (the basement floor)
Empire Shopping Gallery (2nd or 3rd floor)
SS2 Mall (Ground floor)

Belanga serves one of the best Nasi Kerabu in Kuala Lumpur, in my opinion, and is a definite must for those who love Kelantanese cuisine.

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