Dog Outing in Desa Parkcity with Muffin

Thanks to @amylmeiwei ‘s invitation for an evening out with Muffin, I was at Desa Parkcity this evening.  Equipped with hubby’s camera (it weighs an enormous 6kg…now my hand ache besides the stiff neck), I had a good time snapping pics of all the little furry friends brought by their owners to the dog friendly park.

Below are some pics I took of Muffin at Desa Parkcity :-

*sniff* *sniff*
Kissing is allowed in this park ... I mean for our little furry friends 🙂
Doing some stunts while drinking water from the bottle.
Now, lets see... any other dogs that I can chase?
Muffin and her mummy - its just for a split second that she stood still enough for this shot to be taken. The next shot was just the mummy and Muffin's butt... hahaha...

Desa Parkcity’s park is a favorite spot for dog owners during weekends as dogs are allowed to roam freely in the beautiful park.  Dog owners and dogs gets to interact and network with each other ~ and I can feel an instant bonding amongst those who were there.  I made many new furry friends 🙂

Location of Desa Parkcity Dog Friendly Park

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