Dinner at Restaurant Thai Fish Farm

If you are looking for something different, probably a dinner in Restaurant Thai Fish Farm which is right in the middle of nowhere is something to opt for.

It is called Restaurant Thai Fish Farm.  The location is off the Hulu Langat highway, somewhat about 1 kilometres away from the Ampang Lookout Point.  There was no proper signage or indication, you would have to be on the lookout for a dingy looking “Open” signage which is dimly lit but because of the pitch darkness surrounding, you won’t miss it.  It reminds me of the scene from some eerie movies with some rundown shack beside a deserted road.

We went with our friends, so there were for of us.  It was like a scene from a movie plot.  If you are going after 8pm, it is really really dark with no street lamps and you can’t see anything up front.  You need to rely just on the car’s front lights to maneuver along some private land which you are passing by.  After driving for what seemed like eternity, we finally reach the car park and you have to pay RM2 upon arrival.  What an opportunist – since you are already eating there and spending a fair bit, why the RM2?  The restaurant is approximately 1 kilometer off the main road so unless you really know the place, it would be impossible for you to bump into this place.

When we arrived at the car park, there was probably 40 cars parked there!  It felt like you just arrived in some secret hiding place.  Interestingly, Restaurant Thai Fish Farm is set on a pond which is a fish farm.  As it was very dark, I can’t see much but it was cooling, peaceful and serene.  The overall outlook of the restaurant feels exotic, back-to-nature and natural – so I guess ambiance is an important factor to attract customers.

The food at Restaurant Thai Fish Farm was good and service was extremely fast.

We ordered a total of 6 dishes and one dessert each.  I’m not sure how authentic the dishes are but they are suited to our taste bud, so I believe they would have Malaysianized it.  As it was freezing cold, I did not manage to take much photos.  We were also focused on eating as it was pretty late at that time (almost 9pm) and we were very hungry.

restaurant thai fish farm 2

restaurant thai fish farm 1

I did not manage to get the coordinates of the place, but here’s the place which I manage to find using Google Map.  The surrounding is thick jungle!

[mappress  mapid=”1″]

It was a first and probably last for me at Restaurant Thai Fish Farm because I would never have the enthusiasm and energy to drive 2 hours just for a meal.

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