Digital Marketing For Business

What is digital marketing really?

I would say that there is no difference in traditional marketing and digital marketing except for the tools and media used.  The different tools and media on the other hand requires different emphasis, approach and timing.  Digital marketing also allows businesses to go beyond geographic boundaries – extending the reach worldwide.

Unlike conventional marketing mediums, digital marketing gives instant results and the flexibility to tweaks and change if results are not as expected.

Here’s my take on what a digital marketing strategy should have (might not be a conclusive list/item) :-

Objective-Driven Website

I believe that every website should be crafted with a goal in mind – and worked around it are elements to drive towards that goal.  Websites should not just be informative, it should drive inquiries and/or sales.  Even if you do not have an e-commerce site, a lot of people goes online to get additional information before buying it offline. Now that’s the beauty of digital marketing – working 24×7 and effectively bringing you leads, exposure and business.

Corporate Blog

A blog to keep customers / would-be customer / stakeholders / potential investors updated on the latest on-goings with the organization.  Everyone loves news, insider news from the source, so using the blog can help deliver messages subtly.  Blogs used creatively is an excellent digital marketing tool to establish authority in the specific niches.

Digital Marketing Campaigns

Running a digital marketing campaign targeted to the online crowd requires careful planning.  The first thing to consider is target market and which channels (media) to use to reach out to your target market.  Secondly, to tie the marketing message with a dash of creativity.  Creative ideas brings out amazing results.  Thirdly, time the campaign properly – duration, how long, when .. etc.

Digital Medium / Tools / Social Media Platforms

Use the various digital medium and tools to engage with would-be customers and customers.  Different countries might have different focus on the tools used.  In Malaysia, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin is the obvious choice for most marketers however in China, these tools might be totally irrelevant.  So, the different target market will also require the use of different platforms.


It is important to update your digital messages faithfully and consistently.  At times I see a twitter page with last messages dated 6 months back, I know that it is abandoned and overlooked, maybe?  Digital marketing can be convenient and ‘cheap’ (this is arguable because it requires time, space which is money) but it also requires careful planning, proper execution and consistency.

From the way I see it, as more organizations begin jumping into the digital marketing bandwagon, there will be more ‘action’ for those in the digital marketing industry.

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