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FINALLY! My own domain name at

After contemplating and thinking about it for eternity, I have finally gotten my own domain name.  Hubby purchased the domain for me to encourage me to start a blog so that I can pen down my thoughts.  Maybe its because he is trying to minimize my at-least-1000-words-a-day-marathon I have with him daily.  Hahaha…

WordPress engine for

With my limited web development knowledge, I’m opting to use WordPress as the engine powering my blog and will use it to learn the finer points of using WordPress.  I’m keen to deepen my understanding on using WordPress as a flexible blog platform and thus will be exploring the various themes and plugins to further personalize this blog.  I also like WordPress because it is easy to use and easy to maintain.

Content for chewmeiling .com

I’ll write about random thoughts, maybe on things that matters to me, probably a little on where I’ve been and whatever catches my interest.

Stay tuned to my ramblings at!


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