Celebrating the New Year in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong trip was planned way ahead by hubby’s sister, and 18 people signed up for the 5 day 4 night trip starting from 31st December 2016.  Till the very last day, I thought I would have to forgo the trip because I coincidentally way down with dengue fever just a week before the trip.

This is the first time hubby and myself is going on a trip as the year comes to an end, as we usually would spend time at home.  I don’t enjoy crazy crowd, but was pleasantly surprised that KLIA2 was not packed as I anticipated on the early morning of 31st December 2016.  As we arrived in Hong Kong, the family decided to feast on Wan Tan mee at a Michelin One Star restaurant, Ho Hung Kee. One bowl of noodle was a whooping HKD58 (equivalent to RM33) and it didn’t suit my taste bud too – I think the Malaysian version is much much better and cost RM5.

Hong Kong is quite cold (I think between 18 to 23 degrees) at this time of the year but not as cold as I expected.  The trip to Stanley Promenade has got to be the worst for me as I have severe travel sickness and the bus ride through the winding roads turned my stomach upside down.  Popping the pill a little late and I reach there as white as a sheet of paper.  On arrival at Stanley Promenade, we were greeted by shops and lots of people as it was New Year’s Day.


hong kong chewmeiling
Stanley Bay Promenade

Stanley Bay Hong KongA true tourist attraction with lots of small shops and even a full fledged mall facing the sea.

The following days, hubby and me did a little touring around Hong Kong city.  We went to a street with shops selling flowers & plants, then another street selling fish and aquamarines, then another selling birds.  The amount of walking was tremendous but it was worth it.

Flower Street Hong Kong

The street selling fishes was an eye opener, I’ve never seen so many toads in a bucket before.

Hong Kong Fish Street

We also went to The Peak. Super cold!  It is winter, thus it was really chilly.

the peak hong kong

And lastly was the trip to Macau.  We took a ferry across and spent a day there before returning to Hong Kong.

chewmeiling macau

It was a good Hong Kong trip.  Many good experiences and I would return again if I had a chance to.


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