Blog as a marketing tool

blog as a marketing tool

Blog can be an excellent marketing tool and a channel to continuously engage with customers, if planned and executed properly.

Below are how I would execute a blog, depending on how and what it is for :-

Blog as a news channel

Blogs are like main stream news today.  They are well-followed and have consistent and loyal followers.  Well established blogs have demographics sheets etc, just like what every marketer would need before placing ads in print on in digital.  Paying for a paid write up on a blog is alike paid advertorial in print.  You can also place measurement tools to gauge its effectiveness, most of the time in terms of the click-through and response rates.

Blog to improve search engine ranking

Somehow the search engines loves fresh content as much as human do.  So once you have a blog on your website, your website will be crawled often and it will also have improved search engine ranking.   I would anytime suggest a company to maintain a blog on top of their main website.  Talk about your products, how good it is and the USP, what events you’ve participated in, what you have observed from the industry, new products you are rolling out and when and just anything.  Likelihood, you will have existing customers and new customers reading up on your blog.  Customers like to have new information and not be kept in the dark – your blog tells it all and sets you apart from your competitors.

Blog for personal branding

If you are trying to establish credibility in certain domain areas, a blog is a good place to start.  Sharing information is always a good way to tell others that you are an expert in the area.  Even if you have no intention to blog about serious topics, you can still start a blog to talk about your hobbies or anything you want!  I’ve seen hobbies blog turned into a money making ventures!  You never know what you can attract in the midst of maintaining a good blog – a consulting offer, a new job offer or more?

Blog as a second income

There are many bloggers today who maintain blogs to get paid write-up offers or to monetize it with Google AdSense or other advertisement networks.  Easier said than done, blogs do bring in money if you do it the right way.  Many bloggers today are full time bloggers, who write good content and provide good advise in specific domains.

Blog for fun or for the love of blogging

I spoke to a friend recently who said that her sister started a blog recently because of the pressure from her marriage.  “The blog kept her sane,” she said.  So blogging does help people overcome stress and pressure in their life.  Most of us blog for fun or for the love of blogging – its just a channel to say what we want.

For me, I maintain my blog for my love for writing blabbering and digital marketing.

Blog is an excellent marketing tool commercially and personally.

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