Back to nature trip : Taman Negara Pahang

taman negara pahang
The Taman Negara aka National Park signage in Pahang.

We are going on an adventure trip to world’s oldest tropical rainforest, the Taman Negara in Pahang!

Hubby made reservations at Rainforest Resort which came with exploration package – which included one hiking/Canopy Walk, a boat trip, an Orang Asli village trip and a night safari ride.  We drove from our home in Sungai Buloh via MRR2 and Karak; was caught in the massive traffic congestion in Gombak at 6am in the morning!  As we neared the toll, we decided to go via the old trunk road which was much faster according to Waze’s prediction.  It was a winding and small road much alike a snake – there were considerable amount of traffic but it was smooth all the way.  After that, we veered back into Karak near Janda Baik and it was smooth all long until we exited Karak.  We stopped at Bandar Inderaputera in Jerantut for breakfast.  Here’s a pic:
It took us about 5 hours to reach Taman Negara, but we took a slow and relaxing drive.
Taman Negara
The river that we had to cross to go to Taman Negara
To go to Taman Negara, it is a short boat ride across at the cost of RM1 per person.  At the jetty it is a short stair climb up and that’s the grounds of Mutiara Taman Negara resort – which is the only resort that is situated on the grounds of Taman Negara itself.  To get your Taman Negara permit fee, there is the Department of Wildlife counter near the Mutiara Taman Negara resort grounds.  The entry fee is RM1 per person and RM5 per camera.  I don’t see many people paying for the camera fees even though they obviously had cameras with them.  The fees are meant for conservation, folks!
Taman Negara Pahang
Take nothing but photographs… and also pay if you are using a camera.
The first day, we went for the guided night jungle tour.  Its a very simple walk as there are wooden trails so even if you are wearing slippers there is no issue at all.  As it was on a holiday weekend, it was packed with people.  The jungle was noisy ~ people chatting kids screaming … so I doubt we would spot any wild life.
On the second day, our guide was a real disappointment.  We were up early in the morning and he took us across the river to get our entry fees, even though it was supposed to be covered in the package.  He then left us across the river while he was making arrangements for our next boat trip.  He then told us that the journey would be cut short as there were not many boat operators in the afternoon, in view of the upcoming Hari Raya the next day.
Kampung adidas for hiking
We got kampung adidas as we thought we were in for some serious hiking…. much to our dissapointment.
After he made the arrangements, we were ferried to the Batek Orang Asli settlement where we were shown the traditional way of starting a fire without using lighter.  They also showed us how to use the blow pipe.
Batek Orang Asli Fire Starter
The fire starter aka lighter
After that we went to the Canopy Walk which was just a short boat ride away.  We had to climb several flights of stairs to reach the waiting point.  It was a small hut and you have to pay the entrance fee to proceed.  Ours was paid by our guide as the initial fees were part of it.  The canopy walk is not for the faint-hearted and the feeling of walking some 40 meters above is scary but definitely interesting!
Canopy Walk Taman Negara
The canopy walk in taman negara
Canopy Walk Taman Negara
No more than 4 pax in one area of the canopy at any one point… but most people ignored it… which is terrible!
At night, we went for the Night Safari drive which again was a disappointment.   We were driven around Kuala Tahan and went into the palm estate – we spotted a couple of birds, owl, eagle and wild boars and probably a ‘musang’.
The next morning we decided to cross the river and went on our own expedition.  We decided to go to Lubok Simpon which was a mere 600 meters away.  Before we reached Lubok Simpon, we arrived at Rakit Kelah which is in the vicinity of Mutiara Taman Negara.  Its beside the camping site and a steep walk down the stairs.
Rakit Kelah Taman Negara
Rakit Kelah in Taman Negara
The brisk walk took us 30 minutes and we were greeted by beautiful clear water – which is a swimming spot…. but not that I dare to go in.  I’m not exactly sure how deep the water is and I am not a good swimmer plus there is no life guard. Wahahahahahah…  We snapped lots of photos and decided to trek back to our resort.
Lubok Simpon
Lubok Simpon in Taman Negara
Leaf Insect in Taman Negara
Almost stepped on this little leaf insect. He was right in the middle of the path among the other leafs. Very good camouflage but not a good idea when there is a lot of foot traffic.
Found a mini durian while walking along the jungle path.  I decided not to take it and left it there after the photography.
Durian at Taman Negara
We found a mini durian but we decided to leave it at its original spot after the photography.
It was an absolutely fun and adventurous back-to-nature trip and I am officially in love with nature.

I would definitely make another trip to Taman Negara to explore deeper into the jungle.

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