Asian Bloggers and Social Media Conference

Over the last 2 days, I was at the Asian Bloggers and Social Media Conference 2010 in Berjaya Times Square in Kuala Lumpur.

It was a very last minute decision to go to the social media conference and a decision that gave me opportunity to get insights and to meet people I’ve known through the various social media platforms but never met in real.

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The social media conference was huge, attracting probably around 400 pax of bloggers, social media professionals, marketing personnel and brand owners. I got a few good pointers about blogging and social media – though some of the stuff I’ve already known because I have also been reading a fair bit about the topic.  It was a good event and a topic close to heart.

I had the opportunity to meet many people @shareenmy ; @lightyoruichi (the Malaysia Foursquare Ambassador) ; @liewcf (he is the person behind the famous tech blog, ; @andygts ; @accentize (he sat beside me on day 2) ; @blogie (he is one of the speaker and panelist who manages 7 blogs, one of it being ; a Bernama reporter seated in front me and a few others whom I did not get their twitter IDs.

I now have 3 urgent things on my to-do list :-

1. Design my own name card
I want to design a name card for myself.  Personal branding stuff 🙂

2. A whole stuff I want to do with my WordPress.
After talking to @blogie , I am convinced that there is still a lot of stuff I need to do with my WordPress blogs.

3. Use the information I learned about social media in my marketing work
The information I have gotten over 2 days is useful for my current and future work .. so have to start working on it 🙂

Its a tiring day.. work tomorrow. Feeling inspired to do a whole lot of stuff.


Just as I was looking through the photos I took during the social media conference, I found a few interesting ones that I MUST share.  Enjoy…

I like this setup – having two huge banners on both sides and the projected image in the middle.  I think they use a back projection for the video – which is expensive but necessary if you want to have a fuss free front area.  Very good, even sitting at the last row, I could see the face of the speaker clearly. 🙂

“Believe the Unbelievable, Dream the Impossible, Never take NO for an answer” was a quote shared by Tony Fernandez.

If your brand talks, you don’t have to buy fans.  Cool… but smaller brands may have a need to ‘buy’ fans.

It was an honor to have an opportunity to listen to Dr. M’s speech live.

This has got to be the best pic of all.  It was the last session – the forum with 8 panelist and Kenny Sia being one of them.  While Blogie was giving his opinion, Kenny Sia was making weird funny faces and I felt amused too – so I snapped a pic of it.  At one point, his eyes went squint!  He’s really hilarious!

Three of the eight panelist for the forum.  From right is Niki Cheong, Kenny Sia and Blogie.

The ideal social media team!  That’s a huge team.. This slide was presented by the speaker from Virtual Consulting, Indonesia.

The social media conference was an eye-opener for me and I hope to attend more of such conferences in future.

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